Ten days back, Apple rolled out iOS 7.1. It is the first major update to iOS 7. iOS 7.1 comes with some new and improved features. Following the update, some users are also having issues with Personal Hotspot feature. The issue is discussed in detail in our last post.

Unfortunately, like other major updates, iOS 7.1 update also takes away JAILBREAK from your device. There are also no chances of jailbreak arriving for iOS 7.1. So what about the users who want to get back to iOS 7? Well, here we bring you the guide to carry this downgrade. You can now downgrade iOS 7.1 to iOS 7 via iTunes.


Procedure to Downgrade iOS 7.1 to iOS 7 via iTunes:

Before begin downgrading iOS 7.1 to iOS 7, you need to make sure some pre-requisites.


The procedure is compatible with all the supported iOS 7 devices i.e. iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C/iPhone 4S/iPhone 4 etc. Here is the list of pre-requisites, you need to consider before you begin to downgrade iOS 7.1 to iOS 7:

Steps to Downgrade iOS 7.1 to iOS 7:

Here is the step by step for downgrading iOS 7.1 to iOS 7.0.4 firmware:

Step 1:

First of all, download the respective iOS 7.0.4 firmware on your device.

Step 2:

Connect your device with PC/Mac via lightning cable.

Step 3:

Run iTunes on your PC/Mac.

Step 4:

Now, boot your device in DFU mode. This can be done by holding Power and Home button together for about 10 seconds. Afterward, release Power button, your device will now enter the Recovery Mode.

Step 5:

If you are using PC, hold Shift key and press RESTORE on iTunes. Else if using Mac, hold Alt/Option key and press RESTORE.

Step 6:

Now, select the downloaded firmware and proceed with downgrade.

You have successfully downgraded from iOS 7.1 to iOS 7. You can now even jailbreak your device running on iOS 7.0.4.

For any queries and questions, ask below.

  • s2cyber

    without shsh work?

    • Nathan Brown


  • R0by

    doesn’t work.

  • donkoki

    dosent work

  • Dave

    This would never work !!!!! This is a scam!!!

    • Micah

      Why wouldn’t it? It just worked for me…

      • john

        i picked the file but when i pressed “open” it said firmware file is not compatible. how do i make it compatible or what should i do to fix it?

  • Gabriel

    Why do i get the error saying “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occured (3194)

    • Nicole

      I’m getting the same message as you are. if you have figured out how to do it successfully please let me know how. My phone is not working right after the upgrade and I just want to go back to the older version.

      • Taha Munir

        which phone r u using?

        • Lily

          I’m getting this with my iPhone 4S

          • Aleksander

            U can download “tinyumbrella” and launch the tss server. LET THE SERVER RUN IN BACKGROUND!
            while downgrading u will now pass this error. (sorry for bad english)

          • thebreadoftruth

            worked for me thanx

    • কাস্টিং

      I am getting same message

  • Emmanuel

    You can never downgrade to an older version of iOS. Once you update to 7.1, that’s it.

  • Nicole

    I’m getting the same message as Gabriel. This is very frustrating because I can’t stand this upgrade. I have an Iphone 4s and nothing is working right anymore and it seems like Apple is blocking the downgrade !! Anyone know a different way?

    • Andy

      upgrade may fix i thing.

  • John singh

    this method never works!!

  • Clifton Wehrle

    This will never apple stopped signing that firmware (error 3194) and once you download new firmware your previously saved shsh blobs with iTunes are removed only the iphone 4 and earlier devices can downgrade. (Ios developer/beta tester

    • Edwin Salas

      So you’re saying that this procedure will only work on an iPhone 4?

      • wallahi

        it still works on iPhone 4, yes

        • Max Hargel

          How can I do this (iPhone 4) ?

  • Clifton Wehrle

    They are working on a ios 7.1 jailbreak guys just be patient

    • Albert

      No they aren’t making one at all for ios 7.1 they are waiting for ios 8 to make a new jailbreak

    • Shutup

      No, they aren’t. Fuckface.

    • Gerald

      Evad3rs have announced that they are NOT gonna roll out any jailbreak for ios 7.1 so those of you who wanna jailbreak NEVER EVER upgrade to 7.1. Evad3rs team is gonna focus on rolling out ios 8 jailbreak

    • Joe

      No, they’re not working on a jailbreak. Apple will reverse engineer the exploits (patching them) with the new firmware. Reportedly, they are waiting for iOS 8 to be released. The reason behind this is, they don’t want to use perfectly good exploits up all at once, which would in turn, make their jobs harder. And back to the discussion, this method would never work because the previous firmwares are no longer signed by Apple.

    • Nick

      no they’re not

      • …..

        There will when iPhone 6 is up

  • twiksya

    hey .. im just gonna ask.. if theres a chance that i can downgrade my iPhone 4 ios 7.1 without SHSH blobs backup ?

  • Enrico

    Ios 7.1 is such an idiot OS…i got the same prob guys…plse help me out….how to downgrde this idiot OS…i already did everythngs tht could possble to dwngrade…but it didnt work at all…

  • mobissories

    dont waste time downgrade is not possible…better wait for ios 7.1 jailbreak

    • Rauzberry Jam

      Well, doesn’t look like the jailbreak is coming anytime soon anyways… sad news btw

      • BLORP

        just wait till june 2 for the wwdc 2014 and the release of ios 8 to get news for the jailbreak for ios 7.1 or if there is gonna be one for ios 8 beta 1 so just wait you guys and its NOT POSSIBLE TO DOWNGRADE IOS 7.1 AT ALL SO STOP LOOKING FOR WAYS TO DO IT CUZ THERE IS NONE YET SO JUST WAIT TILL THE END OF THE WWDC 2014

  • kfu

    I do not think that there will be a iOS 7.1 jailbreak anytime soon

  • Gill

    It worked for me.

    • rambo

      did it work on your 4s

    • Truth

      Stop lying, prove it worked

    • Ross

      On which device?

  • asdasds

    Downgrade is not possible at ios 7.1

  • Anonymous

    Before trying to do the downgrade for my iPhone 5s, I sent a email to one of the developers asking if their would be a jailbreak for IOS 7.1, and he said that it is very unlikely that they are able to jailbreak IOS 7.1 because, the code is a lot different then the previous IOS’s and it would require a lot more work, meaning that jailbreaking would require you paying around $20 to get the software to downgrade.

  • Mohamed

    for 5s users u can download itunes 11.0.5 or below then put ur device on DFU mode and download the wanted ios then downgrade 🙂 enjoy

    • bianca

      this doesn’t work, I tried it and as soon as you plug in the phone (5s) it says it requires itunes 11.1.x

  • Rauzberry Jam

    Guys, did you make sure that you guys got the right IPSW?

  • safdar

    does this works with iphone 5 on ios 7.1 please reply me

  • pois0n helper

    hello guys, i have seen you have been having a problem, but now that there actually IS a jailbreak for ios 7.1. check jailbreak tool Unjail, because that is the only tool possible to jailbreak it.

    • edwin sagastume


    • michael

      can you please put a link to this tool

  • abdall

    does this works with iphone 5 on ios 7.1 please reply me

    • rob

      didn’t work for me,just tried it!!
      error 3194!!

  • Ruby

    Why complain ? just dont upgrade !

    • dafuq

      This is for people who have been upgrade to ios 7.1 dude

  • Dương Nguyên

    This is fake, i had tried this thing for million of times and it’s never work

  • Michael

    i keep getting a message saying the firmware is incompatable it is a 4s please help

  • Kiro

    It keep saying Error this device not eligible for this ….

  • fer


  • hq

    Will this delete all of my stuff on my iPod?

  • gUY

    For my iPad mini WiFi it says the IPSW isn’t compatible.

  • cole

    doesn’t work any other ways to jailbreak 4s with 7.1.1?

  • cantavenera97

    i can’t downgrade my iPhone 4, tried al the different links but nothing happens just keep getting an error on iTunes. Please help 😛

  • john

    how do i make it so it doesn’t say firmware file not compatible when i pick a file to restore my phone with?

  • Silvio

    How can I do this step? “download the respective iOS 7.0.4 firmware on your device”

  • mmmmcccchhhhaaaauuuummmmppp

    where is the ipsw file in the links above

  • Andy

    Will all the data in the phone lost ????

  • willem

    you need to hold shift and press check for update not restore and i don’t think you need to be in recovery mode

    • willem

      nvm it worked follow this thing exactly and it works