Dota 2 Void Spirit New Hero Teased – The 4th Spirit Brother is Here

Dota 2 Void Spirit

The International lower bracket is going on and Valve surprised the fans with the anticipated new hero, the fourth spirit brother, called Void Spirit.

Dota 2 The International 2019 is currently ongoing and is a few days remaining till the grand finals where OG has secured them a spot in the grand finale destroying everyone in their way. After the first game between Team Liquid vs Team Secret Valve announced the new anticipated fourth spirit brother titled Void Spirit.

Dota 2 Void Spirit New Hero

The new spirit brother is the one the community has be spectating around, what is this purple spirit? When will we be seeing the new spirit brother teased in the comics? Well, it’s about time Valve has teased the hero but without any other details. Check him out in the screenshot down below.

Let’s wait for more information on this hero. Meanwhile, you can watch its teaser trailer down below which was showcased at Dota 2 The International 2019.

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