DIY: Rose Quartz Nail Art Easy Steps Tutorial

Rose Quartz Nail Art Girl

Nail ArtThe concept of a nail manicure or as we call it now a days, nail art, is a simple one; it enhances the beauty of one’s hands. It extends back to the ancient Egypt, where women used to dye their nails with henna for elegance and seductiveness. It was also considered as a sign of status. Black nail dyes indicated noblemen and green for the common man.


The first nail polish was made in china but its colors ranged from red to pink. Their method was also very unique; they would dip their nails in that solution for hours until they dried.
Rose quartz nail art is a little different than our typical white-and-grey marble nail design. As the name indicates, instead of a white base, the color chosen is a shade of pale pink.

The best results come from using a nail polish product that mimics a crystal or quartz look.
Here are some of our favorite rose quartz manicure looks on Instagram.

Rose Quartz Nail Art

How to Apply Rose Quartz Nail Art:

To create this stunning look is very simple. All you have to do is apply a base coat of any light pink shade, which can either be a pastel pink or a nude pink or whatever you may find suitable. Then take your thinnest brush and apply translucent strokes of white to create an illusion of white veins on the rose quartz base. When it dries, apply a top coat for a finished look and you’re good to go!

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