Disk Shader Cache Added to the Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu, Resulting in Enormous Performance Improvements

Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu

Yuzu is popular and could be the only Nintendo Switch emulator that actually works. The thing which makes PC gaming the best is emulation which allows the gamers to enjoy games from different platforms on PC and recently the dream is becoming a reality. The devs behind Yuzu have just released a new update, implementing disk-based cache which increases the performance quite stupendously.

Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu gets Disk Shader Cache

This improvement was originally showcased by the most popular channel based on emulators and their news, BSoD Gaming. You can check the video down below to see the emulator in action. He also explains what impact will this disk shader cache will have on the emulator which will let you play Switch games with a much more smoother experience.

The team behind Yuzu have been working really hard which we can see in the recent update. Considering the emulator was barely able to run any game some months ago, it can actually run Super Mario Odyssey from start to end. Which is a praiseworthy feat. The disk shader cache will allow your CPU to load texture files much faster and quicker which makes which makes the games which are currently runnable on the emulator to have significant FPS and performance improvement which makes this very exciting.

The emulator is still not perfect as there are many scaling issues found in Super Mario Odyssey with micro-stuttering as well but considering the number of updates the emulator is getting, I wouldn’t be surprised to be able to play the Switch games on the emulator without any bugs in the upcoming months. The rest of the results could be seen in the video by BSoD gaming so, enjoy.


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