Destiny 2 New Light: Destiny 2 releasing on Steam as F2P, Cross Save Support and No Exclusive Content

Destiny 2 New Light
Destiny 2

Bungie has a planned stream for some intensive Destiny 2 related news coming out at 10 AM Pacific /1 PM Eastern, but it seems that details about what they’re going to show have been revealed already, as a site broke the embargo. Now, details about Destiny 2 New Light are available, and here’s everything we know so far.

Destiny 2 New Light and everything we know about it so far!

The article in question was posted early by a very reputable site called Engadget when they accidentally posted it way before the actual embargo was supposed to lift. Here’s everything that was revealed in the article, and what Destiny fans and more can expect.

  • The game is being renamed to Destiny 2 New Light.
  • After the release of Shadowkeep, the base game will be available as a F2P game, and players will gain access to all the year one content, including “foundational modes, activities, and rewards. This means you’ll get the first two expansions for free as well.
  • This change in the game’s monetary direction is because Bungie wants players to gain access to all available content from the start, and add more content eventually as they’re doing with Shadowkeep.
  • Going forward, there will be no more exclusive content for one platform, everyone will have access to the same content.
  • Cross-save will be added for Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. No PS4 support for now
  • The game will move from Battle.net to Steam, and players will be able to migrate their data to Steam as well, without any issues.

The game releasing on Stadia means you’ll be able to play the game through your browser, which is a pretty neat thing if you have the requirements to run the device that is, which is both support in your country and an exceptionally strong internet connection.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Release Date

Shadowkeep will be available on 17th September, and with it, the base game will go F2P.

What do you think about Bungie’s decision regarding Destiny 2 New Light? Are you excited about these changes? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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