Destiny 2 Crimson Day Revealed from Data Mine And What Objectives Await You

Destiny had a long legacy of data mining being a major part of the game, but it seems that Destiny 2 Crimson Day has been data mined in advance which is Valentines Day in the human world. If you want to know the prizes and how to get them, then read on ahead!

According to the official Destiny subreddit, Destiny 2 Crimson Day will take place on Valentines day and last longer giving players plenty of objectives to go through and win some colorful decorative cosmetic items and weapons.

If you are here just for the objectives, you will find them listed below:

“Guardians honor the unbreakable bonds they forge on and off the battlefield by competing in the Crucible’s Crimson Days festival. First, follow the rose petals in the Tower to Tess Everis’-she has something for you.”

“Speak to Tess Everis to claim your free Crimson Days Engram.”

“Speak to Shaxx in the Tower to learn more about his love for Crimson Days.”

“As boisterous as ever, Shaxx speaks warmly (and loudly) of Crimson Days’-and of his challenge to Guardians who choose to celebrate with him in the Crucible.”

“Shaxx congratulates you and your Crimson Bond on battles hard-fought and victories hard-won during Crimson Days’-and offers a handsome reward with his inspiring words.”

“Complete Crimson Days Crucible matches.”

“Complete Crimson Days matches to earn holiday-themed rewards.”

“Crimson Doubles”

“Win a Crimson Days match in sudden death.”

And the awards that you can expect are shown below as extracted from the data:

Destiny 2 Crimson Day Destiny 2 Crimson Day

Some of the items you can expect are:

  • Ghost Shells
  • Ornaments
  • Emotes
  • Mods
  • Shaders
  • Sparrows
  • Transmat Effects

Keep in mind that nothing written here is set in stone and this all is just tentative, but considering the history of Destiny, it seems that Destiny 2 is looking to succeed it.

Let us know in the comments section below if you are excited for Destiny 2 Crimson Day.

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