Days Gone Gameplay E3 2018 Trailer Revealed at Sony E3 Expo

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Days Gone

For those waiting for Days Gone to arrive, wait till February 22nd, 2019. But until then, enjoy the new Days Gone E3 2018 trailer released by Sony as part of its conference at the E3 2018 event in Los Angeles. Showed off back at E3 2016, with a stage demo, it was every zombie killer’s dream. Large and dangerous hoards of zombies, or “Freakers” as they are called, coming in from all directions, it wowed crowds and made gamers want to get in on the action. Last year, at E3 2017, the Days Gone stage demo showed infected animals, later revealed to be Freakers as well.

Days Gone Gameplay Trailer at E3 2018 Sony Expo

The new Days Gone Gameplay E3 2018 trailer is absolutely amazing.

No doubt fans will go crazy after watching the Days Gone Gameplay E3 2018 trailer. What is your take on the new Days Gone trailer? Did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.