watch series 2

The Apple Keynote Conference brings many new surprises for us as always. Aside from the magnificent performance by Sia, Apple has given the world something to move on. The developers, designers and manufacturers were really busy all the year giving these marvelous pieces of technology to the world. One of them is the new Apple Watch named as: Apple Watch Series 2.

So. what does this new watch pack? And what’s the difference between these and the older watches?

We’ll talk about performance later on. I would say that this watch is completely designed to make human life better, simpler and watch series 2

Comes with the new WatchOS 3 which is faster, better, reliable and maximize performance of the Watch. Now, you can enable different 3rd party applications and can even play games on it like Runeblade or Nuggetz. There’s this new application called Breathe, which allow reminds the user to normally take breaths once or twice in a day, to release tension and make people calm. Apple’s main focus is human health so, they updated the Health application too. And now, an SOS function is also added in the Watch, which when used will call the local authorities and inform them of your situation. The SOS will also activate on cell and using GPS will send your current location to the authorities. Hope you don’t have to use it, but its there to ensure safety.

Pokemon Go on Apple Watch
Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

Also, for our Pokemon GO fans, this is great news. Niantic has confirmed that the Official Pokemon Go app will be available in Series 2. It will show the trainer current level, his team, EXP, nearby Pokestops, and also nearby Pokemons and your distance traveled. It also calculate the number of calories you burn during your run for wild Pokemons. This will be available at the end of the year.

Let’s talk about the body. Aside from the mainstream Aluminium or Stainless Steel casing, people at Apple were working on something new and they finally achieved it. Ceramic, lighter than Aluminium and stronger than Steel. It really gives a nice look to the watch too.
Good news for those swimmers out there, this watch is confirmed swim-proof. The older version was splash proof, meaning if some water runs on it it’s safe, but you cannot dive with it. Now, the Series 2 is confirmed swim-proof for up to 50 meters and that’s really deep.

Now about the performance. Well, i can say it certainly is faster than the older version. Comes with a 2nd gen SIP Dual Core processor, 2nd gen display, a new advanced GPU and for the first time, GPS is added in the watch. Using an application called Viewranger, it ,allows the user to check various locations for hike or jog, selecting one will allow the watch to provide every information of the area or landmark along with your current position and status.

Simple yet elegant.
Simple yet elegant

Aside from this, Apple in partnership with Nike, made a special version of the watch, named Apple watch Series 2 Nike+. They are developed and designed for athletes. Aside from the same specs that of Series 2 watch, comes with a modified case and the health application, with two modes; simple and advanced. It also reminds you if you haven’t worked out in sometime or a friend of yours has more workout period than you. And as you use it, it learns about the user and plans new workout techniques. Now working out with a is more simpler than ever.

Also, the older Apple watches are now modified with Dual core and are named as Series 1. The Series 1 is now shipping out for 269$. And the new Series 2 will be shipping in the market for 369$ a piece. They will be available in the market on September 16. WatchOS3 will be out on September 9 and the modified Nike+ watch will be available in late October.