Apple Watch 3

For the launch of Apple products, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook decided to feature the new launches of Apple products including Apple Watch 3 – OS 4 at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. As Steve Jobs thought of the advanced technology being displayed and introduced to the users, Tim Cook has carried on his ideas and has introduced a lot of brilliant products in this Apple Special event.

Apple Watch is the ultimate device for helping life, and Series 3 takes it to the next level.

  • Health and Fitness:

Apple Watch 3 fitness

Apple Watch 3 has been updated with it’s heart rate app,this will show the heart rate, resting and workout recovery with respect to your body. Moreover it will notify whenever your heart rate will elevate even when it’s not active. It has been affiliated with Stanford University of Medicine.

  • Underwater and Microphone:

    Apple watch 3 - 1The underwater feature is really favorite for the ones who loves to swim, surf and involve themselves mostly in water activity moreover it’s internal built microphone lets you to contact with anyone around the world with far better clarity.

  • Size of Apple Watch 3:

    Apple watch 3 - size The size of the new Apple Watch 3 is same as compared to Apple Watch 2 with more features. The only difference is the back crystal extends an extra 0.25mm, as thin as two sheets of paper.

  • Cases and Bands:

apple watch 3 - skin apple watch 3 - coverSeries 3 comes in a wide variety of cases and bands.” There’s a new space gray, a new sport loop band, and new Nike Plus models. You can get according to the ones you like.

  • Expected Prices:

    There are two versions available for Apple watch 3:

    $329 for regular

    $399 with cellular

    apart from that $249 will be available for the Series 1.

  • Availability of Apple Watch 3:

apple watch 3 - available apple watch 3 - availableOrders for Apple watch starts on September 15th and will be available on September 22nd.