Apex Legends Season 2 Announced – Things Will Heat Up

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Apex Legends was poised to be THE game to steal the thunder from Epic Games’ Fortnite. However, a lackluster season pass and inability to keep up with Fortnite in terms of new content regularly was what led to a quick dissolution of the player base in weeks and months to follow. Apex Legends Season 2 is looking to fix that and you really don’t want to miss this!

Apex Legends Season 2 – Never too late to come back

Apex Legends was a game that just came out of where. For almost a month and a half, the game dominated YouTube and Twitch, raking in viewers that made Fortnite lose the spotlight.

However, the game got stale very quickly. It offered a simple 3 player game mode where 60 players would fight for dominance on the ground.

The game failed to stay fresh when compared to Fortnite, where the game produces weekly patches and always brings a new weapon, game mode or new elements to the game.

Eventually, Apex Legends fell off the grid and players returned to Fortnite.

Apex Legends also tried to do the battle pass, but a convoluted item store and a bland battle pass failed to get the game off the ground again.

However, in their briefing video, Respawn Entertainment might have a good plan for Apex Legends season 2. We know it will take the equivalent of lightning in a bottle to bring the game at a level to compete against Fortnite once more, there is still a lot of good stuff coming with Season 2.

Apex Legends has definitely learned from their mistakes, and for fans like myself who only play the game seldom, might actually give the game a second chance when season 2 drops.

The game is looking to revise the game massively and make the battle pass more challenge based, the challenges will stack so that you can do more when you do take time out to play the game.

The L-Star is going to be a supply drop only weapon, which means it won’t have any ammo that can be replenished. So be careful when and where you use it.

The addition of ranked mode will also come into the game in Season 2.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that season 2 is dropping July 7th. We can only hope that the game really does get a fresh coat of paint and revive a dormant player base. The features of the new season include:

  • A new legend
  • A new weapon
  • New game modes

Apex Legends is a game that made Respawn shelve the development of Titanfall 3, while also working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Another spectacular game that was just revealed at EA Play.

Let us know your thoughts on Apex Legends Season 2. Are you excited about it?

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