Oatmeal Cookie

Every year there is great excitement about which dessert could the next version of Android be possibly named after. Even though this can be considered a trivial piece of information, but it is one that Android enthusiasts get all hyped up about. A new theory has surfaced recently, suggesting that the next version of Android, 8.0, could be named oatmeal cookie (but then again, it can always end up being Oreo).

There are also a couple of hard pieces of evidence which back up this claim. The most important one was sighted in Android’s source code as “oc-dev”. This was used on many occasions; the most prominent one out of these is the code that stated that a Google Pixel is utilizing the Android O Developer preview, or ‘oc-dev’. The ‘OC’ could mean “oatmeal cookie”, as is it written very bluntly in the pieces of evidence.

Another piece of evidence can be noted in the presentation given by Google’s I/O this year, over a month ago. “oatmean_cookie” was mentioned in the sample code that was shown in the presentation slide.


Many of us may be hoping that the O in Android O stands for “Oreo”, but the probability of that happening is low. This is unless Nabisco (or Kraft) makes a deal with Google for the cross-promotion of their respective products; Oreo and Android. The last time this happened was when Android released Android KitKat, which was officially named after a specific brand of chocolate, instead of a generic name.

Even before the release of Android K, there were many speculations that it might be ‘key lime pie’ as it was teased to be that at the Google I/O 2013. It might have been so as they wanted a backup plan in case the deal with Kitkat didn’t work out. But we all know how that deal turned out, though!

For all we know, Google might be trying to bag a deal with Oreo, to use their brand name, and might be using “oc” as another backup plan, in case they don’t get the green light on the deal. Or, the presentation slide could just be Google pulling a prank on their fans.

What do you think about the Android “O” and the dessert behind its name?