AMD Linux Driver reveals Vega 20 GPUs Support PCI-Express 4.0

AMD Linux Driver

All eyes are set on the release of AMD’s new 7nm Vega 20 GPUs and now we have a solid proof that AMD engineers are working on the AMD Linux Driver. The driver has given us physical proofs that it has been updated with PCI-Express 4.0. The high speed interface was imminent and long longed for, and this driver has confirmed that AMD is going to give what was expected from them.

AMD Linux Driver and PCI-Express 4.0:

As we already mentioned that AMD engineers are working on Linux driver which has been updated with PCIe 4.0 speeds. The PCI-Express 4.0 will give double the bit rates as compared to that of PCI-Express 3.0 interface.

The PCIe 3.0 was giving 8 GT/s and now PCIe 3.0 will offer 16 GT/s. The 1x bandwidth given by PCIe 3.0 is 1.969 GB/s and for 16x the bandwidth is 31.508 GB/s. Now if we talk about PCIe 4.0 1x bandwidth given will be 3.938 GB/s and for 16x will be 63.016 GB/s.  Raw bit transfer rate by PCIe 4.0 is 32 GT/s

Now a days PCI-Express has become the basic for transfers between every I/O device and the CPU. Same is the case with the graphics cards these days. Its too mainstream for storage devices like NVMe SSDs to use PCI-Express. The upcoming SSDs are using NAND gates and they can take a lot more benefit from The PCIe 4.0

AMD Vega 20 GPUs:

AMD is very soon going to release Vega 20 GPUs which are based on 7nm architecture. At the moment there is no confirmation about its release. Although it seems that these GPU will be used for machine learning and professional market rather than being a gaming graphics card. These GPUs will be having a total of 32 GB of HBM2 memory. This is all from us  for now. For more details, updates, news and rumors about AMD’s new developments stay tuned.

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