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Céline Dion Billboard 2017 Music Awards

Céline Dion’s Tribute to Titanic at the Billboard Music Awards

Céline Dion. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I'm sure you are. Yes, we all know her as the ‘My Heart will go on’ girl. The 49 year old may not be a ‘girl’...

Check the upcoming songs of CokeStudio Season 9 Episode 4

We all are fans of the famous show and it is blowing out our breaths for a while now. This new Season here is the has brought some great taste in the world of...

Apple on the way to provide best Streaming Music Service via Apple Music

So are you interested in streaming all your music? If yes, then you should consider this service. Who knew? When it comes to music there is too much to consider about. Apple has joined the...

Spotify now gives you three months of premium services for 99 cents only

Spotify has undoubtedly changed the music industry forever. You dont need to pay money to enjoy the basic services of Spotify,  but there are a lot of advantages to upgrade to Spotify premium. Spotify...


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