Cinestar IMAX Cinema

Watching movies in cinema was always a big trend in Pakistan. However, with the emerging rates of movie technologies most of Pakistani cinema still lacks the better equipment. Cinestar is the first Pakistan Cinema to have IMAX experience for the movie geeks. More and more cinemas are now emerging to provide the best user experience the users want.

Watching a movie in a cinestar is really amazing experience. The cinema is well decorated and equipped with the IMAX screen. Cinema itself have most of the facilities such as food, parking, pre-booking and bigger cinema screen. There are no big hazel in getting the tickets for your favorite films. You can also book online using the cinestar website. From the website you can also check the online movie schedule or also subscribe for the mobile messages alerts.

There is one thing which needs the attention from the authorities. The food such as Pop Corns or Drink are not that quite good. Sometimes you get the warm and Salty popcorns but other time you may get burnt ones. Oh! Man that really irritates when you eat while watching an epic movie. Believe me that’s the time when you will hate the cinestar. Apart from that it is worth watching an IMAX movie.

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